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Carbon Monoxide is a product of incomplete burning of fossil fuels such as oil, gas, or coal.  Carbon Monoxide commonly referred to as CO, is an invisible, odorless, tasteless, gas.  It can kill you before you even know it is there.

Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms are vague and often people believe they have the flu.  Common symptoms include headache, fatigue, dizziness, confusion, and nausea. 

The only way to know you have carbon monoxide in your home is to have a Carbon Monoxide Detector.  The detector is designed to activate at exposure levels below those at which symptoms usually occur.  Because they sound before the symptoms people sometimes assume they are faulty.  Please contact the fire department any time your Carbon Monoxide Alarm sounds.

CO is typically only a hazard if your home has gas powered appliances such as furnace, clothes dryer, stove or oven, water heater or fire place.  Any other appliance that is not part of your home such as a generator  that runs on gas fuels should be placed outside (NOT IN A GARAGE). 

Vehicles also produce Carbon Monoxide.  A vehicle running in a garage can cause extreme amounts of carbon monoxide.  Even with the garage door open a running vehicle can increase the amount of CO to 500 parts per million within 7 minutes.  This amount of CO in a room can cause headache, fainting, and confusion.  By the time you reach 800 ppm unconsciousness and respiratory failure will happen.

Please be cautious of Carbon Monoxide year round and warm your vehicles up outside.


On December 6th, Meramec Ambulance District and Boles Fire Protection District hosted their annual First Responder Toys Drive. Toys were collected in four locations throughout both districts. Even with the frigid and gloomy conditions, more than 400 toys were collected. All donations were given to The Agape Help House of Pacific, Mo., and distributed to area children this holiday season. Both districts would like to thank everyone for their support in making the event such a success. 

About The Agape Help House

Founded in 1985 as a food pantry, The Agape Help House has since expanded to provide clothing, household items, school supplies and monetary assistance to more than 300 Pacific-area families every month. For more information, contact the Agape Help House at (636) 271-5315 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






October Fire Prevention Month was a success for the residents and members of the Boles Fire District.  We visited 4 local grade schools: Labadie Elementary, Coleman Elementary, Fulton School at St. ALbans, and Crosspoint Christian School.  We also went to Gray Summit Head Start and Gray Summit Pre-School.  We hosted Immanuel Lutheran School Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten Classes for field trips.  With just those children we talked to about 800 students.  Aside from the schools we participated in a Wounded Warrior Golf Tournament, Labadie Chili Cook-off, Coleman School Fall Safety night, multiple local church functions, the opening of Homestead Veterinary Clinic, and the Haunted Hayloft at Purina Farms.  We met and talked to thousands of children and adults this month alone.  Please keep safe until we see you the next time!  Thank you for your support of our Firefighters- it is greatly appreciated.




Up to 4 inches of rain fell over Franklin County in the last 24 hours, and more to come.  Early morning flooding at Hwy M and Hwy 100 caused a motor vehicle accident.  Crews remained on scene and assisted MO DOT with removing water from the roadway.  They did this by drafting (sucking) water from the swollen ditches and pumping it off across Hwy M into a wooded area.  



Have you seen this lately?  Did you give?  Boles Firefighters conducted a "Fill the Boot" drive for the Muscular Dystrophy Association every Friday in August. Last year we collected $4,444.39. But this year we collected an amazing $6,113.22. Thank You to all who gave to such a great cause!  Good Job!


Press Release 4/23/14

Boles Fire Protection District
Chairman of the Board, Lloyd Harfst Swearing-In Ceremony

Lloyd Harfst

On April 9, 2014 Chairman of the Board, Lloyd Harfst, began his seventh consecutive term as a member of the Boles Fire Protection District Board. Harfst was one of the 3 original Board Members to create the Protection District in 1971. He has served the District for 43 years as a Board Member and Firefighter. He has also held positions of Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief, Captain, and Firefighter. Present at the Ceremony were Circuit Court Clerk Bill Miller, Vice Chairman Harvey Dubbs, Vice Chairman Eric Shoemaker, Appointed Secretary/Treasurer to the Board Donna Hrenak, and Fire Chief Jim Casey.


Photos included: 1: swearing in ceremony at Boles Fire Protection District Administration Station in Labadie MO. (Right to Left) Lloyd Harfst, Chairman; Harvey Dubbs, Vice-Chairman, and Bill Miller, Circuit Court Clerk.

Information about commercial and resident inspections:

On January 01, 2014  the Board of Directors of the Boles Fire Protection District updated its current ordinances and adopted the 2012 International Fire Prevention and Building Codes. 

To help insure the safety, health and welfare; and, in general, to secure safety to life and property from all hazards incident to the design, erection, repair, or use and occupancy of all buildings, structures or premises in the Boles Fire Protection District, we have adopted Ordinance Number 24  the Boles Fire Protection District Fire Prevention Code. The area to be inspected has been covered or concealed in any manner without first obtaining the approval of the Fire Official 

• Other fees may apply. See Ordinance #24 for a complete list of fees and explanations.

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